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Hey people!

Haven't posted in a while due to my exams having priority, so I apologize to anyone who has gone on my blog and found that I haven't replied or posted much! Today I've had some good news on my exams though, I have had my first set of results back. I have been trying for three years to achieve grade 8 distinction in Flute, and finally today after lots of time and effort put in, I found out that I got 138/150, which is a good distinction mark!

In terms of gigs as a keyboard/vocalist, things are going very well at the moment. As you can tell by my calender, I am currently playing around different sorts of places and events. 

Finally, I am now currently writing songs for an album which I hope to release in the near future

 I am loving every minute of my music! I would like to thank you all for your continued support, it means so much to me, please keep spreading the word



Re : Last night! that's alright Karl! I managed to enjoy your angelic voice! and it was very enjoyable to see. so very happy from that and hoping to see you sunday too! best I can do for you <3 may bring a friend with me to sundays gig!
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