Hey there everyone!

Sorry it has taken me a while to write this first blog, I have had a very busy life with me starting college, which I am really enjoying, and also with lots of gigs taken place, and lots more still to come before the end of the year!


At college I am studying to A levels, a B tec in music performance, and I am also going to do two Diplomas, one in my Flute, one in my Piano, both in my second year of college, busy times!


My next gig is at the Swanage Legion on Sunday 21st October, from 15:00 - 18:00


For any more information on gigs I am doing just go to the homepage and click on Calender, there you will find a list of all thhe dates that have been confirmed so far.


good afternoon Karl! robyn here. poole has been so different without you being around. its just so quiet!. I wish you could come back to us and play again. missed you so much. all my family wish you well at university! love from robyn <3
hi Karl Robyn here. just to tell you I will be showing up at the august 14th gig wearing glasses instead of the usual me! haha so you probably wont recognise me! but the songs I request are : la Bamba and pretty woman which you sang last time
dear Karl bit of a problem! I cant attend tonights gig!!! yet again mum saying No as usual. mood : upset sorry Karl. but will be at the August 14th gig.
apologies for not attending last nights gig Karl! I fell ill. but today I am much better! and maybe will be attending tonight's gig. at Poole Quay! so excited I cant wait! love from robyn xxxxx
hi Karl. during this year if I see you at a gig then I may be wearing glasses due to being long sighted. as today I have my eye test. if the results turn out positive for glasses then I will make sure I wear them just for you <3 love Robyn and Ps : thankyou for the dedication song at Poole it was so sweet and romantic of you to do such a thing for me. how can I do something in return for you? because I want to!
good news instead of Wednesdays gig! on 1st of August at the Bournemouth event mum and dad are gonna drop me off and then they are gonna pick me up at the time the gig ends. which is at 9pm I think am I correct?
problem about Wednesday Swanage Carnival! mom wont let us stop and listen to you! she only wants to walk everywhere!. I think im gonna have to make an arrangement with a friend to come instead cuz mum is saying a big No No!
welldone this afternoon Karl very muchly enjoyed. but the power out wasn't expected haha! but also the dedicated song to me was so sweet. you had me blushing! yet again so thankyou so much! may see you Thursday 31st with a friend instead of family alright <3 love from robyn aka (miss) your girl
dear Karl today I am very excited due to dad saying yes for me to come and see you yet again this afternoon. I cannot wait im literally so over excited and jumpy also hyper my song requests : Amarillo a thousand miles - Vanessa carlton and also the Blondie song that you sang at Bournemouth
Dear Karl words couldn't explain how happy I felt seeing you last night. when I went home. I was smiling so much with happiness from the gig. when you said my name out I was so speechless I didn't know what to say or think. but that was just so sweet of u to do that for me <3 I will see you sunday! at half past 1 so I can get their early! from Robyn x (Dedicated Fan)
Dear Karl. you were amazing tonight. I feel so bad for rushing off twice during your gig tonight! it was due to a mystery illness. also mum says what day is your New CD out? and also cant wait to see u this sunday! very muchly excited but still happy from tonight love robyn
review from Robyn Courage dear Karl thank you so much for tonight. you made my heart so warm and I felt very heart warmed when you said my name twice! and you did make me blush at the start! will be seeing u sunday! 2pm till 5pm. I love you so much. words cant explain how much! I nearly cried during the last song when you got up! it was so adorable!. love from Robyn xxxx
karl! you may have to think about rescheduling the gig tonight!! due to thunderstorm weather and lightning! but idk if ur still doing it! cheers robyn!
hi Karl just checking if tommorows gig is still going ahead (weather permitting)
hi karl! another month has come since I haven't written for a long time. just to confirm on Fridays gig I will be their for 10 to 7 which is 6:50pm also I have managed to get La Bamba stuck in my head from your cover. this is one of my favourites and also anything for love which you did
hi Karl me again. just a bit confused about July 25ths event. are you performing on that day or tomorrow?
hi Karl. I have a question about Bournemouth square event 25th July. is the time actually correct or is it at an earlier time? please let me know from robyn <3
hi karl! apologies for not talking to you this week! stuff has been happening. exam wise! and been studying for year 11 exams! but will be seeing you in 5 days time at Bournemouth Square at 7pm! if all turns worse I will pop down on July 29th at Poole Quay! but to confirm I am going to the Bournemouth Gig on 25th July
hi Karl! cant wait to see you on the two separate Swanage dates and then this week at Poole Quay and outside the Thistle Hotel! will be awesome missing you very much love from Robyn!
hi karl robyn again. just to say that upton carnival is today and hoped you could perform during 1pm or 12pm up their after Langton matravers church fate
hey karl you missed our sandwalk today! its alright if you were busy. so next year I am doing it in aid of MNDA motorneuron disease for mr Stevenson! with year 11 which I will be in! will be seeing you 27th of July! very much missing you! hope to see you around Poole soon!
hey karl u have written one of the events wrong on ur calendar for pamphill village hall its actually pamphill parish hall! so you may need to correct it see you on 3rd of august love from robyn xx
hey karl ! thanks for the follow on twitter glad to see u lad xx
morning karl ! sorry i havent talked to u in a while ive een so usy doing my studies for senior year for yr 10 comin up and i have now got a place reserved at the college ur at so i might see u again their if i get a chance to ! im lookin foward to seeing u at langton matravers fete and church fete and also at swanage carnival on august 3rd so hope ur doin well this year im so proud of u xxXx from Rc courage ur old friend at lytchett
good luck today at the rex cinema show wishing u well hope and alot of support i cannt wait for the 3rd of august 2013 at the swanage carnival which i am making an apperance at ! i miss those days where me and you hung out at lytchett every morning and lunchtime ! and i remer one day at lytchett u made my friend tamara come and collect me to see u that was so nice of u to do that . i might make an apperance at the Langton Matravers fete that ur performing in aswell lots of love and hope from me Xx
afternoon karl ! i cant wait to see u on 3rd of august and happy valentines day hehe hoping all is falling into place and going well also all hope plans are going well lytchett minister really misses u jack cullimore has left aswell so sad and dissapointing we miss u loads hope ull come and perform for us again soon hoping to try and get to see u at the rex cinema asweel love u from ur old school friend at lytchett xxxxxx
hi karl looking foward to seeing u in swanage on the 3rd of august and i have had my guidance interview today at school and ive got a place reserved for me at the ournemouth and poole college where u are at the moment I cant wait for this to happen Good luck this year ur amazing and wishing u well from rc courage ur old friend at lytchett
hey karl ! good luck with the two diplomas this year looking foward to seeing u on agust 3rd at the swanage carnival main stage i cant wait ! you know me urr old school friend i am hoping to see u some when if you come down to ournemouth again i may see u their hehe your so amazing karl ! GOOD luck wishing u well from ur old school friend at lytchett minister school

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