Hello everyone! Long time, no updates on the blog. Hope everybody is okay.. lot's have been going on in the past 13 months or so. I'm very much overwhelmed by it all to be honest. Luckily, my music is going really well. I have gained a considerable amount of interest from various different people, which put's my music into many different places. I am lucky enough to be getting gigs in Hatfield, Basingstoke Southampton, and many other places as well as Dorset! I have also been in the process of updating myself/becoming more professional. I have managed to COMPLETELY transform the set up of my equipment, using much more professional looking equipment such as a brand new flightase for my keyboard, which definitely looks more appealing to people wanting to book me! I'm also in the proccess of gathering video's of me performing, which show that I do a variety of songs and not just original stuff, that I will put on my website asap! I haven't updated anything recently as I was VERY busy with exams and stuff.. Well... Good news! I got the grades to get into Uni. A good problem though, is with the way things are going at the moment I may not even need that! Will wait and see though, for now I'm goanna enjoy writing songs, gigging around, and generally having fun.

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